ZEFR and SoundCloud Announce Partnership

ZEFR has officially partnered with SoundCloud to help the company and its music partners better understand the sharing of content on the platform. This is an important step toward helping SoundCloud and its partners build a new creative ecosystem for the benefit of all creators of music and audio.

“ZEFR has been a leader in rights management for half a decade. SoundCloud is a vibrant platform where the fans are sharing content, and ZEFR can find the right ways to use that fan activity for the benefit of SoundCloud, its music label partners and publishers,” said Zach James, co-founder of ZEFR. “We are excited to use our technology and expertise to help make SoundCloud a go-to platform for content creators and advertisers.”

SoundCloud is the world’s leading audio platform where creators upload more than 12 hours of music and audio every minute, sharing it with a global audience of more than 175 million unique listeners monthly. In August 2014, the company launched their creator partner program, On SoundCloud, to provide creators the opportunity to be paid for their work through advertising placed against the tracks they have chosen to make available to SoundCloud users.

“SoundCloud is continuing its evolution as a mature platform for labels and advertisers,” said Alexander Ljung, co-founder and CEO of SoundCloud. “Working with ZEFR, SoundCloud is taking another step to becoming the powerhouse player in the digital audio business.”

“ZEFR also provides analytics and can dig into specific content type–like whether it’s detecting full songs or remixes–and help labels determine what type of content they should be uploading to SoundCloud,” reported The Verge. “That’s all good news for SoundCloud…” TechCrunch added, “This partnership is important for both ZEFR and SoundCloud’s businesses.”

ZEFR SoundCloud Partnership

SoundCloud, launched in 2008 by Alexander Ljung and Eric Wahlforss, is the leading audio platform that gives users unprecedented access to the world’s largest community of music and audio creators. With its continued ambition to unmute the web, SoundCloud allows everyone to discover original music and audio, connect with each other and share the sounds they hear. In addition, sound creators can use the platform to instantly record, upload and share sounds across the internet, as well as receive detailed stats and feedback from the SoundCloud community.

For more information, visit: SoundCloud.com

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